Well Baby Visit

On this Thursday past, we went to the doctor for the 4 month Well Baby visit. Davis got shots. Last time he got shots, he screamed for about 30 minutes in the doctor’s office. This time was different. He cooed and smiled the whole time he was laying naked on the table. When the doctor and nurse came in and out of the room, he cooed and smiled. He even smiled when the nurse came in with the four inoculations he would have to endure. He cooed when she removed the protective caps from the needles. But, when the sharp was jabbed into his unsuspecting thigh, Davis let out a wail that was probably heard 3 doors down. The wailing continued until the last of the shots was over. When the nurse was done, Tracy picked him up to comfort him and he stopped crying. Just like that it was over and he was kind of like, “Okay – no big deal.”

New Weight – 17.1 pounds (90th%tile)

New Height – 27 inches (95th%tile)

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