Milestone #3

At around 5AM on Friday, just before an early morning feeding, I went in the nursery to check on Davis. When I peered over the edge of his crib, I found him laying on his belly with his butt up in the air. This meant that at some point during the night, he had turned over on his own for the very first time. Yay Davis!

3 thoughts on “Milestone #3”

  1. Can’t believe how much he has changed since Christmas. When are you coming to Wilmington? Love for you to come and spend the night. Give Davis a kiss for me.

  2. ut oh, Time to set up the video camera. Too bad u missed that first turn-over. HA!

    Guess he will be walking before i see him again. He is so cute. Love the new pictures on the site.

    Tracy, Davis looks a little like you as a baby.

    So far, i think he looks like “mommy Michelle”.

  3. Hey Mrs. Floyd your baby is beautiful!!! Mrs.Silver gave me the website when i picked austin up from tutoring. So how have you been. it looks to me like you absolutly love baby Davis. I wouldn’t blame you he is a cutie. i cant tell who he most resembles. he looks like you but he also looks like your husband. either way he is adorable!well i will talk to you later!


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