Davis Turns 3

Davis turned 3 months old today!!! He is growing up so fast. When we went to the dr. for shots a couple of weeks ago he weighed in at 15 pounds 1oz and he was 25 inches long. He is above average. I am starting to wonder if we should somehow rig up a treadmill and get that boy walking.

I never realized how a baby can change in the course of a day. One day Davis was barely cooing and the next day he was saying,“Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh” over and over really loudly in his deepest baby voice. He looks at us and twists up his mouth sometimes like he wants to tell us something desparately, but just can’t find the words. Now he is starting to make different sounds and move his head purposely as if he has been watching us and picking up our mannerisms. He is also rolling up on one side when we lay him in his crib at night. Sometimes when we go to get him up for his morning feeding, he has turned himself 180 degrees. Tracy wants to set up the video camera to see how he does it. Tonight when I placed him on the floor for some tummy time, I realized he can hold his head all the way up for several seconds. He couldn’t do this last week even. I fear that if I blink I am going to miss something.

Since I went back to work and am seeing some of my coworkers for the first time in months, they all ask, “How’s Davis?” My response is always, “He’s awesome!” So, even though he changes every day, hour, minute, and second the fact that he is completely awesome remains the same!

The Scale

I start back to work next week. As my final days as a stay at home mom approach, I have been feeling a sense of impending dread. How in the world am I going to get up at 5 AM and stay up for the rest of the day. I am used to getting up in the wee hours of the morning, but I have also gotten accustomed to going back to bed for 3 more hours while Davis continues his sleep cycle. The thought of getting up and leaving my little boy and driving for 30 minutes to actually do work other than being a mom has had me in a sort of panic. However, just today, I finished reading a novel that I am planning to read with my 4th graders and decided that I was a little excited about being challenged mentally again. Don’t get me wrong, this mom thing has been a challenge, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but in a much different way.

Tonight Tracy looked at me and said, “I think it may be time for you to venture out of the house.” He said this because of the scale in the bathroom. You see, we have never had a scale. Apparently a few weeks before Christmas I mentioned to Tracy’s mom that I didn’t have a scale, so she bought us one. This scale has become sort of a fixation for me. When we brought it home, one of the first things I did was weigh myself. Then I picked up Davis and stood on the scale, did a little subtraction and figured out his approximate weight (15 pounds). That was fun. I then decided that I would do the same thing, only weigh Davis before he ate, then again after he ate. After that little experiment, I decided to conduct some more using the scale. I weighed myself at different times of the day. I then weighed myself immediately before and after eating breakfast. Next, I decided to weigh myself before and after pumping to see if expressing milk changed my weight. Suprisingly it did. I even weighed myself before and after using the bathroom. I didn’t know a bathroom scale could provide so much entertainment. So, today I told Tracy I was running out of bathroom scale experiments. I then thought of one more experiment I could perform…weighing myself both before and after getting out of the shower. I am thinking having wet hair may make a small difference in how much a person weighs.

As you can see, I need some mental stimulation and the scale is almost exhausted. So, even though I am utterly undone about leaving my little boy for a few hours everyday, I think that going back to work may be a good thing.

Party #2

Davis attended his second birthday party. His friend Bella turned one year old. Unlike his first birthday party appearance, he decided to stay awake. When we arrived everyone was so excited to see his bright blue eyes shining. About 15 minutes into the party though, he started screaming. He screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried some more. I am pretty sure all those people who complain about how much he usually sleeps will appreciate it next time we bring him to an event with his bright eyes closed. After the screaming and crying session, Davis ate and finally went to sleep. By that time, the party was coming to an end and the two one year olds in attendance got sleepy and began their own sessions of screaming and crying.