Davis has reached the one month old mark; hardly even an infant anymore. He’s basically doing what the textbook one month old does, looking at his surroundings (he especially likes to stare at the air conditioning vents), lifting his head for a few moments only to have gravity take hold and pull it back down again, pooping (sometimes in his diaper, sometimes projecting it across the changing table and onto whatever is in his path), and cooing, mostly after he has eaten and his belly is full.


For the first 3 weeks of his life, he spent his nights sleeping with mommy and daddy in a Moses basket on the floor of our bedroom, mostly for our own security. Now that he is a whole month old, he is sleeping in his crib. He actually sleeps more soundly in his own room, we think because mommy and daddy don’t rush to his aid every time his breathing increases or becomes inaudible. I will say though, that having him in our room taught us that babies make all kinds of startling sounds in their sleep. Sometimes he sounds like he is gagging, sometimes he grunts like a pig, and sometimes he makes this sound that makes us wonder if he is wandering around in dreamland with a herd of baby elephants – he sounds like he is imitating them. So, I’m glad he stayed in our room so that we could learn about all this strange behavior before having a coronary and rushing frantically across the house to save him.

We have also learned that although all the baby books say to bathe baby only once or twice a week, Davis has to be bathed about every other day, 3 days is pushing it. He starts to smell. It’s funny how everyone says they love that baby smell—well it’s really the Johnson and Johnson baby lotion smell that they all love because babies don’t really smell that way on their own.

I told Tracy the other day that babies were a lot of hard work. I dare say that my job teaching 20 or so kids that belong to other people may even be less exhausting than staying home with one child that belongs to me. But, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I asked Tracy if he thought he would like to have another child anytime soon. He held Davis at eye level, looked at him for a moment, and said, “No, I think he’s our masterpiece.”

3 thoughts on “Masterpiece”

  1. He is so cute. i cant wait to hold him.

    oh, and give him a bathe before i do. Ha ha!!
    I want to smell that Johnson & Johnson,
    not poop and pee!!!

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