The Final Countdown – Really

I am now into the third day of my maternity leave.

The first day I felt a little lost. I checked my school email, emailed my friend Kathleen who is taking over while I’m gone, called Kathleen once school was out. My kids were fine. She taught a lesson on questioning and so the students had to come up with “burning” questions they had. Phillip wanted to know how small God could get. Mary Kathryn wondered aloud what color my baby would be. Apparently, she meant what color hair would he have, but it didn’t come out that way. Kathleen said that Sierra called her Mrs. Floyd all morning. So, all was well.

The rest of my first and beginning final days of freedom was spent doing laundry, cooking dinner, and catching up on the TV shows I had missed since summer.

On Tuesday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment with Dr. Richmond. She did yet another ultrasound and found that everything was still functioning as it should and Davis is still resting comfortably and growing. She also did more measurements and determined that his approximately 8 pounds right now. She explained that at this point in the game, it’s hard to get exact measurments on weight. Dr. Richmond didn’t seem as concerned about the weight and didn’t seem to think that a c-section needed to be scheduled. She checked my cervix and of course it still isn’t ready, though she said it felt a little softer than before. When we were ushered from the ultrasound room into her office, she explained that I would be checked again on next Monday – the 30th and if I had not had the baby by then, we would discuss inducing. She is on call next Tuesday, my due date, and I am thinking she would be the one to induce and deliver the baby. Either way, she said they would not let me go past next week without having Davis. In the car Tracy and I had the realization that by next weekend we will definitely be parents. Tracy is ready – I am not!

A previous journal entry – written 38 days ago – was entitled “The Final Countdown.” At that point, I couldn’t imagine that it would be much longer before I birthed Davis. I thought for sure that he would be here at least 2 weeks early. However, he has proven me wrong. He has decided to remain in his cocoon for as long as possible. Can you blame him – It’s warm and safe, he can sleep and eat anytime and he doesn’t have to worry about strange people making scary faces and noises at him all day long. But, alas, his time is running out. So, I think at this point we really are in the final countdown – one more week to go…

3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – Really”

  1. Congratulations on your “really final” countdown! We’re anxious to meet Davis 🙂 Can you please take pictures of his nursery for those of us that haven’t seen it but have heard of how lovely it is?! Thanks! Ronny and I look forward to seeing all 3 of you soon!

  2. Michelle, I feel releaved to know that Davis is only around 8 lns. 8-15 is shy one ounce of being 9 lbs. You will be just fine either way you deliver and God truly has it all in control. You know we are all excited. Aunt Pat and I talk about every day and wonder if today is going to be the day. I was looking at your pictures last nigt with the different stages of your preg. I think yall should put one more for the ending.

  3. The closer the time for the arrival comes, the more exciting it is not only for you two, but for the extended relatives.
    oh, and just pack a backpack! I kept a huge suitcase packed my last 2 weeks of pregnancy! Typical female! I guess I thought the hospital was letting me move in for a month instead of a few days, ha!!! If things haven’t changed, u want even need to pack a gown. They’ll provide one for you! I’m so excited!

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