Woah – Is that what 35 pounds looks like?

I was just on our site, looking at the New York photos and realizing that although I felt like I looked very pregnant in mid-July, I barely had a bump. No wonder not many people offered their subway seats.

It’s funny, because from my perspective – looking down at my belly – I don’t really look that big. Even when I am walking straight toward you, I don’t really look that big. But the side view tells it all.

Tracy’s dad and Patty came to the beach to visit for Tracy’s birthday. We went to Amici’s to eat which is at Broadway at the Beach. When we finished eating, we decided to walk around for a bit. I kept catching glances of myself in the windows of the stores. I told Patty that it almost shocked me when I saw myself from the side. She agreed that it was a little shocking.

If you ever wondered what 35 pounds would look like if it accumulated in one spot, just take a sideview gander of my belly. Woah!

3 thoughts on “Woah – Is that what 35 pounds looks like?”

  1. You will soon not have that 35lbs. We are all getting excited. Grandma Floyd is still trying to figure out who you are, but she is excited that she will soon have another great grandbaby and that David will be a Grandaddy. She always laughs when we tell her that David will be a grandaddy soon. Enjoy your next few days. I know every day you are beginning to wonder if this is going to be the day. When you get that sudden burst of energy and clean everything you will know it is about time.

  2. i haven’t seen pictures since your trip to NY. I missed the baby shower, so i have no idea what you look like! please post a picture for me!

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