Less Than Free

Yesterday was Tracy’s birthday. He is now 31 years old. He says at 31 you start to feel settled.

For his birthday we went to eat at Angelo’s. It’s a sort of Myrtle Beach landmark, but we had never been there. It’s always a chore to find somewhere new to eat, so usually we just eat at our old, trusty favorites. We made it a point this time to pick somewhere new. Their sign out front advertises that they have the best steaks in the UNIVERSE! What a lofty claim. But, because of this claim, we both ordered steaks. They were really tasty. I’d have to try a lot more steaks from a lot more places to be able to support their claim, but I will say that I would go back and have steak again sometime.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4 o’clock in the am and after laying in bed for about 45 more minutes, wide awake, pondering what the future would hold, I decided to just get up, get ready, and go to work. I made it to work at about 6:30. It was a pretty routine day. During my planning, 3 of my students appeared in my classroom to turn in assignments that they chose to complete – overachievers. Sierra and Kayla had gotten permission from their teacher to come to my room, but for some reason Phillip was in tow. I am pretty sure he just sneaked off and trailed them to see where they were going. I sat in my chair and they began talking about the baby. Kayla offered to baby-sit Davis for $5 per hour. Sierra piped up and said she could babysit for $50 per hour. I told her she was way too expensive. Then, Phillip graciously said he would baby-sit for FREE! Sierra would not have Phillip outdo her, so she then said she would baby-sit for “less than free.” I asked her if she understood that that meant she would actually be paying me to allow her to baby-sit. She said she understood, but would still be willing to stick to the offer. Kayla never waivered – she said she would still have to charge $5 per hour.

I had planned to leave work at around 3, but I got sidetracked. The benefits lady from the district office came to meet with me at 3 to let me know that my part time employment had been approved!!! Yay – answered prayer. Because of our meeting and my socializing with the other teachers, then deciding to actually do some work, I ended up leaving at 5:30. What a long day.

When I got home, we got ready and went to eat at the above mentioned Angelo’s. After eating, I began feeling lots of pressure in my lower abdomen and I was feeling really crampy. I could not get comfortable. Tracy and I began to feel like Davis may decide to arrive that very night. After stopping briefly at Barnes and Noble, I told Tracy that I thought we should go home. He asked, “Do you need to go to the hospital?” This has become his mantra everytime I am feeling a little discomfort. I did not need to go to the hospital, though I would not have been surprised if I had needed to go later.

We came home, I put on my pajamas and decided I had better read the Labor and Delivery section in What to Expect When You Are Expecting. Just a few pages into the section and I apparently went to sleep. So, false alarm. Baby Davis is still incubating. I feel fine today. I think I just overdid it by working 11 hours yesterday. But, possibly next week….Tracy and his mom believe that he is coming on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Less Than Free”

  1. yes, Tracy and I both misjudged the due date. Brant is sure you will have to miss Church next sunday, He thinks he will arrive on the 22nd.

  2. My vote is November 1, 2006 for Davis, and if i am wrong, it will not be the first time! See ya in a few weeks!

    I have now caught up with the blog reading after slacking for a few weeks! It was great talking to you both today!

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