I now know what it’s like to be a celebrity.

It seems that when you reach your ninth month of pregnancy, you become the center of everyone’s attention. I realized this about a week ago or so. When I walk into the school, everyone from the cafeteria staff to the kindergartener looks at my belly and just smiles. Their faces light up. I realized this even more last night when we went to Blockbuster to rent Akeelah and the Bee. As we approached the counter, two girls who have waited on us before, immediately got that dreamy look on their faces. They began asking the routine questions, “When are you due?” “Is it a boy or a girl?” “Haven’t they made such gains in the area of maternity fashion?” They then told me how great I looked. I was surprised they didn’t ask for my autograph. We walked out of Blockbuster and I told Tracy I felt like celebrity.

Next, we went to Food Lion to get healthy sides for the grease-laden wings we had ordered from Wing Kings. Upon entering the store, people automatically began to stare and their faces began to light up. I have gotten to the point where I just kind of look straight ahead and focus on the task at hand. We gather our items and make our way to the check out. At the check out, one of the employees who is bagging groceries at the lane next to us begins to ask the same questions we had just answered at Blockbuster. She then tells me how wonderful I look and how amazing it is to give birth and become someone’s mother. As we talk, our groceries are tallied and bagged, but before we can leave, the gentleman who bagged our groceries grins, asks a couple of the same questions, congratulates Tracy and shakes his hand. After we walk out of the store, Tracy and I look at each other and simultaneously say, “Celebrity.”

I was thankful to have Tracy with me as I was questioned and stared at. It feels like he provides some sort of shield. Sometimes I feel like I can’t step out of the house without being stared at by the whole world. I wonder if all pregnant women experience this. Surely they would have to. All I know is that if I had to stay pregnant for many more months, it would cost of lots of money, what with the driver I would have to hire and the body guards and the celebrity worthy clothes…

2 thoughts on “Celebrity”

  1. Firstly, I can’t wait for Davis to get here so Ayden can have a buddy with whom he can get in trouble.
    Secondly, I would enjoy the attention you and Tracy are getting right now, becuase that is soon to change. Family (and friends) will no longer notice you. It’s as if all they see is Davis. You will have to fight for their attention then!

  2. My Dearest Chelle,

    You are beautiful and who cares that you can’t see your feet.Davis is one lucky young man. I am so proud of you and daddy. I can’t wait to see my little nephew.

    Love ya lots,

    Kelly P

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