Uh, Ma’am Your Belly is Showing…

We had our good friend Paola take some pictures of us at the Conway Riverwalk and have posted a few. Michelle has been knee deep in writing thank you cards and hasn’t been able to sit down and write out a new post. We do have a doc visit on Thursday, so I think she’s planning to write one after that!

7 thoughts on “Uh, Ma’am Your Belly is Showing…”

  1. I love the one of you two sitting on the park bench. So In Love is what it says. Can’t wait to see what the Dr. says Thursday.

  2. Love the pictures Michelle and Tracy!! Sorry I missed your shower last Saturday, we had already planned a outing with our church. I hope to hear from you soon.

  3. These photos are absolutely awesome. Michelle, I have never seen you look more beautiful. Each one is so full of love and happiness.

  4. Great pictures. Michelle you are taking on that motherly look.
    In about a week Tracy, you’ll have that father look! he he!

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