This whole prospect of becoming a father has affected me in ways that I hadn’t really planned on. It’s made me want to double / triple / quadruple check the oncoming traffic when pulling out onto the highway. I’ve become a little obsessed with learning about mutual funds, IRA’s and other financial security issues that used to just make me glaze over. And most disturbingly, I am becoming increasingly aware of my own mortality, and am assessing how I eat and exercise. I think the whole notion of bringing another human into the world and having to be responsible for him and provide for him for the next 18 or so years has been a serious “gut check” for me. It’s not that I don’t think we can do it, I guess its just the reality of having to do it.

But all that doesn’t get me down. I am so looking forward to meeting Davis. I’ve tried several times to send morse code messages to him by tapping on Michelle’s belly, but all I ever get back is an elbow roll or a kick/punch. While I am not fluent in the uteran dialect of the rolling fetus language, I believe he is saying “Mommy, please tell him to stop tapping me in the face.” Oh well, I guess we’ll speak after he arrives.

We’ve finally finished packing the hospital bags. That has been my responsibility.

  • Blankie? Check!
  • Diapers? Check!
  • Snacks for daddy? Check!
  • Rocketship onesie with matching space boots for Davis to wear home? Check!

So I think we’re finally ready or as ready as we can be.

6 thoughts on “Daddyhood”

  1. Becoming a parent opens your eyes to a world you have never seen before within yourself. You look at your own parents with different eyes and the world you are bringing your child into with different eyes.

  2. You will be a great dad!! Just remember the hospital supplies everything the baby needs. Don’t pack too much…… just have to turn around and bring it all back home with all the extra stuff from the hospital.

  3. We Want an update, we want an update, we want an update!!!!!! Michelle, I know that you are to that stage of the preg. that you are ready to get unpregnant. Praying for a right on time baby, not too early and certainly not too late.

  4. Not only do you develope excessive compulsive behaviors like double checking doors windows and reading the ingredients to make sure baby is safe and healthy,your appreciation of everything increases as you rediscover through the eyes ears and touch of your child. You find yourself almost giving an exagerated reaction to the smallest things that seem to interest your child. Its great!

  5. Tracy,

    This is love!!! Now you will know how our Heavenly Father cares for his little children and how much He loves us. Now, u get a turn in feeling what He feels. When Davis hurts, your heart will hurt. When he laughs, you will laugh! When he has a stinky, you’ll know what to do about that! (Call Michelle.) he he!!
    He will make mistakes in life, maybe a tattoo here or there, (just joking. I will keep Joshua hid, ha!) but, we learn from our mistakes. Teaching him about Jesus is the best thing you can ever give to your son!

    Now, if you need any help, you can always call on all the aunts! We all helped raise you, (we have pictures to prove it)and you became a fine young man. Oh and if you need advice, we are all full of that!!!!

    There is nothing in the world like becoming a parent. I wish I would have had 5 boys.

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