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Any woman who has been pregnant before has told me that strangers will come up to you in public places and touch your belly. I didn’t believe them because that had not happened to me. I wasn’t even experiencing that from people who know me pretty well. Tracy said I must have a “Touch me and die” look that I give to people. Well apparently, that “look” was not what was detouring people, maybe it was just that my belly had not yet reached the point that says, “Hey – here I am – feel free to encroach on my personal space.” We were in Wal-mart on Wednesday evening, standing in the produce section, trying to decide what side dish we should have with our grilled burgers. Tracy wanted something green, I just wanted potatoes, of course. We had finally decided to just buy some cucumbers. We had almost made it out of the produce section when this lady walks by me, stops for about 5 seconds, reaches out and pats my protruding belly, giggles, and merrily goes on her way. Tracy looked at me, perplexed and said, “Do you know her?” I looked at him, equally shocked and replied, “No!” “Oh no,” I thought, “It’s happening.” My belly has officially become this public space for absolute strangers to offer their up-close congratulations.

Even my students are trying to get in on these belly rubs. The other day I was walking around my classroom, assisting the children, with my hand on my stomach. One of my little girls looked up at me and asked, “Is he kicking?” When I said yes, she immediately asked if she could feel it. I said no, but at least she asked before attacking me. That same day, I was leaned over a desk answering a question one of my little boys had. Instead of paying the least bit of attention to my response, he was staring at my belly. Before I knew it, he had the eraser end of his pencil coming toward me and began gently tapping my belly with it. I gave him the “What in the world are you thinking” look. He looked up and said, “Sorry.”

I am a little usure of what exactly compels people to touch a pregnant woman’s belly. I don’t know if it’s the baby that’s growing inside or if it’s just the mystery of the miracle that’s taking place. I’d like to believe that my belly is my space, but I think for the next seven weeks or so, I am just going to have to accept the fact that people are going to reach out and touch.

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  1. Ohmigosh! You only have seven weeks left? You’re going to be a mommy! And Tracy, you’re going to be a daddy! I am so excited for you both.
    About the belly rubbing thing, next time someone reaches out and rubs, rub back. That’ll get ‘em.

  2. I CANNOT believe we will be welcoming my little Davis into our big world in 7 weeks!!! Brett said “WHAT???” when I told him. Seems like only yesterday that I got a belated Christmas present and AMAZING birthday present all in one FEDEX box! I got Davis a ghost hat today for Halloween. It is cute. Since he is coming early and all…

  3. Just wait til Davis gets here! everyone will want to touch him. I have to talk to Granny almost everytime I take her shopping. She wants to touch everyone’s baby. I have to keep telling her that you just can’t do that anymore. People look at her like she is going to steal their baby!!

  4. Tracy and Michelle, you will never know how this has kept us all connected. Kinda like the umbilical cord with Michelle and Davis. I am so excited that the Father is blessing us with Davis. Just remember that Jesus is going to be with you every step of the way and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS AS YOU CHOOSE TO WALK WITH HIM. EVERYDAY WILL BE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE!!! Michelle, if only one person touches your tummy, you are a blest woman.

  5. Hey Michelle, I had no idea you were expecting. I am so happy for you and Tracy. You will be a wonderful mother! If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am here for ya. God bless you all.

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