4 thoughts on “Yee Haw Grandpaw!”

  1. This will be good therapy for your Dad after a real busy week when you and Michelle just need to have the week end to yourselves!!!! I am sure that Davis will ger many horey rides like that. Make sure he has that onesy on that Uncle Steve gave you for Davis!!!!!!!

  2. You might want to include an extra large bottle of Advil when you give the saddle to your dad. Just in case he
    has too much fun!!!!!! I know I would need it! This is a hoot!!

  3. Don’t saddle up grandpa until the porch has been completed!!

    When i saw the striped shirt, for a flash of a second I thought it was Grandpa David, but then I realized Davis is not that big yet!
    (I just celebrated another birthday, i guess that is why i had the flash, ha)

    I hate I missed the “Farm baby shower”. Sounds as though all had a great time (like we always do when we are together)!!!

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