First Day of School for Davis and Me

In school, we measure everything in 9 week increments. There are 4 nine weeks in a school year. Today is the beginning of my 31st week, which means that I have 9 weeks to go until the birth of baby Davis.

Today was the first day of school. I had bus duty first thing this morning. My job was to hold the door open for all the eager little beings to cross from the carefree follies of summertime into the world of schedules and work and hopefully learning. I stood at my duty post and watched them enter one by one. Some of them looked at my belly and showed me a toothless grin. Some of them just walked by without even noticing I was there – they were the ones used to staying in bed until at least 10AM. One little girl, oh about first grade, looked up and declared, “You’re pregnant!” I said, “Really…how did you know?” She responded, “Cause my aunt just had a baby.” “Oh,” I said. So, either my belly gave me away or I just showed a striking resemblance to her aunt. A group of boys went by, said nothing, then one made a comment about a watermelon which was followed by giggles from the rest of the gang.

Thus the day began…

At around 9, my fifth graders came. They wanted to talk about everything. After getting notebooks and journals labled, index cards filled out, and introductions made, we journeyed to the carpet. I sat in the rocking chair and just began my speech about the baby. I told them the due date, that I would be out from mid-October until mid-January, the baby is a boy, his name is Davis, the origin of his name – anything I could think they would have a question about. Then I proceeded to tell them that if at anytime I began having contractions or there was a problem, someone would need to go to the office and get the nurse. Gilbert said, “I want to be in charge of that – I can get there fast!” So, Gilbert has been appointed as office runner. We have yet to elect an emergency phone caller because they all want to call someone in the event that I go into labor. They are hoping the baby comes right there in the room. What an amazing science lesson that would be. When I was drawing the whole baby discussion to a close, Phillip raised his hand and asked me if I was letting the baby bungee jump from the umbilical cord. Phillip had been so quiet all morning, I just was expecting that he had calmed himself over the summer. Since I didn’t have any logical response for Phillip, I dismissed them all back to their seats. Glad to know Phillip hasn’t changed too much.

My fourth graders came later and got the same baby speech. No major questions or surprises. No creative comments like the one from Phillip. A couple of girls did want to know if the baby was kicking. They wanted to feel it move. I am trying to keep my distance because if one touches my belly, they all will. As one of my “get to know you” activities, I asked each student to write down one thing we probably didn’t know about them and one thing they hoped to learn this year. After they had written down their responses, I began the conversation by telling them that they probably didn’t know that I was in gifted classes when I was their age. I also explained that this year, I hoped to learn more about how to be a mommy because I had no idea where to begin. One of my little girls immediately raised her hand and told me where I could find information about being a good mommy. She said that they actually had books about parenting at Books-A-Million and that these books would probably help me. I assured her I would go to Books-A-Million and check them out.

Anyway, my first day has come to a close and I am exhausted. I can’t imagine how I will feel come Friday afternoon. I do know that afternoon naps are inevitable, so between about 4:30 and 5:30 each day, I am permanently scheduling mandatory naptime for myself.

One thought on “First Day of School for Davis and Me”

  1. Maybe you should have video taped all this and sent to funniest videos.
    You could have won some money and made life easier for you, Tracy and Davis.

    Davis could have made 10,000$ before birth. Now, that’s something to think about!

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