Dramatic, Whiney Pregnant Lady

It’s funny – I wrote that entry yesterday about how Tracy keeps telling me not to overdo it. I don’t ever think I really overdo it. I believe I should be able to do the same things at the same pace that I did them before I was pregnant. It’s really difficult to accept that my body is in rebellion.

First let me say that yesterday was really, really hot and humid. It was something like 79 or 80 degrees at 7 AM. Despite the heat, I got up at around 6:30 AM and got ready to go on my usual morning walk. I ate breakfast, drank some water, laced my tennis shoes, and headed downstairs to meet Obea. We walked for 2 miles. I was getting really hot, but I didn’t complain. I do NOT want to be perceived as the dramatic, whiney pregnant girl. And again, pre-pregnancy, I walked 3 miles at a time, so cutting it down to 2 was my idea of “not overdoing it.” By the time our walk ended and I said good-bye to Obea and headed up the 3 flights of stairs to our third story condo, I realized that I was really, really hot and feeling a little queasy. “I’m okay, I thought. I’ll just take off my shoes and socks and lay on the floor to cool down,” which I did. I drank a little water and some iced tea. In no time, I was feeling better. Tracy once again reminded me that I was overdoing it.

I later took a shower and got dressed to go meet Tracy for lunch. We were planning to go the Chinese restaurant. I had been craving chinese food for a couple of days. After getting dressed, make-up applied, and hair coifed, I headed downstairs to my car. All was well. But, again, it was REALLY HOT! By this time it was noon and I’m guessing at least 95 degrees. I cranked the car and turned the AC wide open all the while thinking about the egg rolls and crab rangoon I was going to savor at the Chinese restaurant.

Up highway 17 I went, then to highway 544. Oh, about two tenths of a mile past Wal-Mart, I started feeling really queasy. Then came that hot/cold kind of sweat. Then I started getting even more queasy. Okay, I thought, I am really close to Tracy’s office, I can make it. Within the next 10 seconds, I decided that I probably was not going to make it even out of the car into the next gas station bathroom, I was just going to have to stop and hurl right in someone’s parking lot. “They’ll understand, I’m pregnant,” I resolved. I was getting closer to a place where I could actually pull over, when I started to hear static – my radio wasn’t on. Then, even though the sun was blazing, everything started to turn gray, then grayer, and I determined that eventually all was going to go black. I picked up the phone and dialed Tracy’s number. “Hello,” he said. “Um, I am about to black out and I am in the car driving. I am pulling over at Surfside Bakery, because I can’t really see to drive anymore,” I quickly said before the lights went completely out. “Stay there, I’m coming to get you,” he managed to blurt out before I hung up without saying good-bye. He apparently thought I had already passed out.

So, I make it to Surfside Bakery, put the car in neutral and raise the emergency brake. I still have enough foresight to lay my seat back and point the AC vents directly on me. Did I mention that for the last 5 and a half months I have been working really hard to not be perceived as a dramatic, whiney, pregnant lady?

After about oh, 1 minute or so, I don’t even think it was that long, I was fine. By the time Tracy got there (30 seconds later – he didn’t waste any time) I was sitting with my seat upright, looking out the window, smiling.

Needless to say, he was relieved that I was okay. He wasn’t sure what he was going to find upon arrival. He told me he thought he was going to have to pick me up out of my car and take me to the hospital. I commented about how fast he got to me. He said, “Yeah, well when you want me to come home in a hurry, you could pull another stunt like this.” Although, he also said that it wouldn’t work for very many times before he would start accusing me of “crying wolf.”

Once again this morning, as I was lacing up my tennis shoes, Tracy reminded me to not overdo it. I walked with Obea, but I did make sure to drink water and Gatorade. It was also a lot cooler outside and breezy. So far, I haven’t fainted or needed to call anyone to rush to my aid today, but it’s only noon. Oh the drama!

5 thoughts on “Dramatic, Whiney Pregnant Lady”

  1. Dear Baby Davis,
    Hello sweetie pie. I wish you were coming to my house. We would hsve a lot of fun. Hope I can hold you in my arms and love you like I did Tracy when he was a baby. Jesus loves you so much and so do I. It is hard to wait until the time comes for you to get here. Be a good baby and I will try to be a good Great Grandma. I am at Aunt Rhonda’s now and she is reading all about you to me. I love babies. Wish I had some. OK this is about all I kmow to say See you soon Love, Great Grandma Floyd

  2. I am waiting for you. I love you and will look forward to holding you when you get here if your mama and daddy will bring you over. I am excited about David becoming a Grand pa Great Grandma Floyd

  3. Are you crazy woman. Don’t they have like yoga for pregnant women in the air condition somewhere!
    Of course I guess its good practice for Davis if he is going to be a champion tri-athelete. lol

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