Eye Twitches on Steroids

I am at week 22 and this baby is wildly active especially when I am sitting still. He kicks and punches and I can just imagine him dancing around. I hope he has more rhythm that Tracy and me. We both stayed in the house all day yesterday and read books because it was rainy and we wanted to be lazy. I spent the time in between reading watching my belly jump around. It’s like having extra large muscle spasms in my belly. Some people said the movement would feel like butterflies – not sure where they got that. My friend Paola said it felt like a big gas ball – much more accurate than butterflies. But, to me it’s like that twitch you sometimes get on your eyebrow that you can’t control – except that twitch is on steroids. I love it though. A couple of ladies told me the other day that I would miss that feeling after the baby is born. I have been thinking about that wondering if I will really miss it or if I just love the reassurance that there is life inside me. I think I will be so distracted by this new being once he arrives that I will be taking care of, I won’t have time to miss the uncontrollable movements of my tummy.

The other day, I was getting ready to go eat lunch with my dad and I kept having this uncontrollable feeling that I had to pee. I would go to the bathroom and could produce nothing but a trickle. Ten minutes later, I felt like “Oh my goodness – I really have to pee this time.” I’d go to the bathroom – trickle, trickle. I finally decided that Little Davis was using my bladder as a footstool. The doctor said that he is upright – feet down position, but he should turn in the next trimester. I already knew his feet were down, because all the kicking was on my bladder.

I have so enjoyed being pregnant up to this point though. I told Tracy that I think I may want to stay pregnant. It’s nice not having to worry about sucking in your pooch when you wear a fitted shirt. Pregnancy allows you to just let it hang over your skirt or pants without feeling fat. It’s awesome. I have also loved (especially at school) how everyone tells you how cute or beautiful you look. I bet I heard that at least 10 times a day when I was working. I don’t know how anyone could tire of constant compliments.

So, Tracy thinks that if he pushes on my belly with his finger, the baby is reaching up to touch his hand. He is going to be such an amazing daddy. He is already so helpful and caring and understanding. I have been walking at least 4 to 5 days a week and he continually reminds me not to overdo it. He said the other day that I should just stay in the house until the baby is born. After about two days of me staying in the house, he would be begging me to get out and go shopping or visiting or something – I would be utterly crazy.

I decided to start reading my daily scriptures aloud today. When I was reading, Davis started moving around. I am going to believe that he can already hear our voices and learn from them. Gosh, it just occurred to me that when I go back to work in August he will definitely be able to hear. He’s going to be a student too! WOW! No telling how he’s going to turn out.


5 thoughts on “Eye Twitches on Steroids”

  1. I love the new additions to the site. Seeing the pictures of you is awesome. Are you going to let me take belly pictures of you???

    I am so glad to see that your pregnancy has been so wonderful. I can just picture you on the couch watching little Davis “dance”. I think he learned some moves at the wedding!

  2. Really exciting when they ‘come to life’ like this. Davis can certainly hear you. I used to sing Jesus Loves Me to Haley. After she was born and was crying I would sing it to her and she would calm right down. Talk to him and sing to him like he is already in your arms. He’s closer now than he’ll ever be.

  3. There is no question how Davis will turn out. With the two of you as his parents – he will be an amazing and wonderful person!!

  4. you’re amazing!! …this is the only entry i’ve read so far (not sure why I started in the middle!) but it is amazing!!
    …awesome to hear how things are going!
    you are beautiful!
    I’m glad I know you and can learn from you!
    …see you soon… kimgranchelli

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