Legless Chicken

My belly is getting big. I have now outgrown Tracy by a couple of centimeters. I think I have heard from my kids at school about a million and five times, “You are getting bigger.” Don’t they know that is going to happen? One lady at work the other day said, “You have gotten big quicker than anyone I have ever seen.” I think it’s because we waited until I was 3 months pregnant to tell everyone. Now, school is getting ready to be out, I am going to grow even more over the summer, and come back to work HUGE. To them, it will feel like I’ve only been pregnant for about 4 months by the time I have the baby. This will be the fastest pregnancy ever.

I thought the second trimester would bring lots of energy, but all I have wanted to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. I don’t feel guilty about it though. Everyone keeps reminding me that sleep will be like finding a precious gem after the baby comes.

My cravings haven’t really changed all that much. I do absolutely hate Nip Chee crackers now, though. What’s funny is that for snacks, I want real food. Like, the other day in Wal-mart, I went in to get items to make a salad for dinner, but all I could smell was rotisserie chicken. I felt like one of those cartoon characters that follows the smell of whatever it is he wants, maybe like Garfield with his lasagna. Anyway, I followed the smell right over to the deli, got my rotisserie chicken and ate the legs as a snack. So now we have a legless chicken in our refigerator.

I finally bought a pair of maternity pants. They are awesome. Brown cropped cargos. I think buying those made me feel even more pregnant. Auntie Carol tried to help me in my quest for comfy, but cute clothes. It didn’t work out though, because after trying on all the clothes she picked up for me, we realized that I don’t wear a small anymore. I told her I did, but I guess I was just in denial. Trying them on brought me back to reality – small, junior size clothes don’t really work on a 4 month (soon to be 5 month) pregnant body.

June 1st is my next appointment. I don’t think they are doing anything at all. It’s one of those, “Why am I here?” appointments. But, two weeks later I get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, so I am praying that Baby Floyd gets an identity and we can stop calling him/her “It.” Any ideas for boy names? We already have a girl name picked, but boy names have provided us with a challenge. Remember I have been teaching for eight years, so we need something unique.


9 thoughts on “Legless Chicken”

  1. Here are my names per Tracy’s request:

    dylan Kurt
    Jayson Pearce
    Samuel Fitzgerald
    Stanford Riley
    I think that’s about it for today

  2. As per Tracy’s request, our name suggestions:

    Schlomo Finklestien
    Birdie in the Tree

    Of course, we won’t be hurt if you decide on something a bit more mainstream. hehe


  3. I told Tracy that I think we are going back to Davis Kirkland. I think Montgomery is definitely out. It is too long, so people are sure to shorten it and I don’t want that to happen – Monte or Gomery???? YUCK! I still like Samuel Quinn. If it’s a girl, none of these conversations will even matter.

  4. same here. since I waited til 3 months to really spread the news that I’m pregnant – I hear, “you are showing so fast!” I’m trying to keep from being insulted and hormonal because I guess people are use to being informed earlier than at the end of one’s first trimester. I must remind myself that so I don’t feel giganTOR.

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