Too Many Doughnuts

Today a student in another class inquired about my being pregnant. She asked her teacher, “Is Mrs. Floyd having a baby?” The teacher responded, “Yes.” “Good, I thought she was just eating too many doughnuts,” the student replied with much relief.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Doughnuts”

  1. Dear Baby Floyd,

    You are such an awaited baby. We love you so much. You are blest to have the parents that God is blessing you with. Tracy and Michelle, I have to admit that Aunt janice told me about this. i just thought you sent the sonogram. I love it. Michelle, i love all you are writing. I read about the doughnuts and happen to look down and see Tracy Kenneth Floyd 111 and squeled and said o they are having a boy and got all choked up and then said, that cant be right. Tracy’s name is not Tracy Kenneth. Anyway, love the updates and love yall Aunt Rhonda

  2. i don’t think my first comment recorded about 3 weeks ago. me and computers. i’m sure baby floyd will be a pro.loved the classroom stories.
    i am so excited for you guys and for baby floyd to have you as parents. just as He drew the two of you together He is now adding a third person into your union.This will be such a place of streching your faith and self discovery.just follow your own hearts. love aunt pat

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