14 Weeks and Counting

Today was my 14 week visit. Despite my worries, I did not gain the 5 to 10 pounds I was expecting. I reluctantly stepped on the scale and saw 116. “Only 116,” I said. I was astonished. I had only gained one pound. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing for excessive weight gain. It’s just that my belly is bigger than it’s ever been in my whole entire life, so I was expecting that I weighed at least 120. My response was, “Great, now I can eat more!!!” (Just a joke, Aunt Janice).

This visit was pretty uneventful except for hearing the baby’s heart beat. That is always exciting. It’s like you wait 4 weeks just to make sure it’s still okay. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief once you hear that sound. It took the doctor a little while to find it this time, unlike the first time when we heard it immediately. My pessimism kicked in and I started to worry – then finally after about – oh – I’d say 60 seconds, we heard the train sound – chugga, chugga, chugga. She said it was beating at 151 beats per minute. The old wives’ tale is that if it beats fast, there is an increased chance of the baby being a girl. Slower and it’s a boy. Normal is anywhere between 120 and 160, so I’d say 151 is pretty fast. Not that I’m putting in stock in that. I suspect it may be a girl, but I’m not going to buy any pink shoes until we know for sure.

My next visit is in 4 weeks (June 2nd) where they will basically do the same thing again. We could have opted to have blood tests to check for any type of brain disorders or Down’s Syndrome. We elected to forego the test because I just didn’t feel like we needed to do it. I’m sure everyone has their own opinions about it, but as for me, I just want to enjoy my pregnancy – as worry-free as possible.

Two weeks after my next visit, we get to find out the sex – provided that the baby cooperates. Woo hoo!!! Until then, we’ll all just have to settle for just window shopping for the cute baby wear.

2 thoughts on “14 Weeks and Counting”

  1. Yes, I feel strongly that it is going to be a girl. And yes, I agree with you not having all those tests. God will see you thru all of this. Because of my age, they asked me every visit to have this done and that done. My reply was, no, I am not having any of them done. I am going to have this baby and I will cross the bridge at that time. I will take care of it no matter what. Good thinking!!

  2. I am 14 weeks now. Heard the heart beat a second time and had a surprise ultra sound (tell you about that and show you the pics soon). Don’t know the sex of the baby yet either. Funny about the heart beat thing. The first time my baby’s heart was up to 180 @ 9 weeks and at my last visit was 160ish so it’s slowing down and I’m wondering the same thing – girl or boy? You leaned toward a girl? I didn’t know that did I? well, I’m thinking boy? so far my baby bump is totally out in front though so is that a girl? the suspense is killing me.

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