KFC and Sour Patch Kids

This week begins my second trimester. I have watched two of my friends do the pregnancy thing and was expecting my body to react just like theirs did. They threw up once a day – minimum. My friend, Obea, had this ritual. As soon as she got up in the morning, she headed straight to the bathroom, threw up or at least gagged, and then was ready to go. God knows exactly what he is doing, because I didn’t experience that during my first trimester. I would have been a big baby myself everyday. Throwing up is probably my least favorite thing in the world. A part of me was a little disturbed that I didn’t throw up, believe it or not. I just thought that all normal pregnant women were supposed to be miserable at least through their first trimester. That hasn’t been my experience at all. There have been a few times when I thought for sure that I would have to visit the throne, but after a glass of ice water and a cool wet cloth, I was fine.

As I look back on the first trimester the biggest issues I have had were eating and sleeping. Everyday, around 1 pm I have soooo wanted to just lay down. Anywhere would do, even my dirty classroom floor. Being a teacher, however, doesn’t allow for laying down and taking a nap. I don’t think the children or my principal would fully understand or allow it. The other great issue has been eating.

Spend more than 30 seconds with me and you will know that I am a foodie. I love food – it is my passion. However, it seems like this eating thing has taken over my life. I have been consumed with it. Get up, eat Cheese Nips and drink a Coke (caffeine free of course). Get in the car to head to work, eat the hashbrowns I just cooked. Arrive at work – spend a few hours at work, starving again, time for a snack. I wish I could agree that it’s all in my head (I know what you all are thinking), but it’s not. I have been ravenous. It’s not just, “Oh I feel a little hungry.” No, it’s more like – “I have to eat right now.” It’s not even like the hunger steadily grows. It’s more like one minute I am fine, and the next minute I feel as if I could eat an entire box of KFC.

Believe it or not, I am almost tired of eating. I always wondered, pre-pregnancy, what kinds of cravings I would have if I ever did conceive. It’s been interesting, though I can’t say I have craved anything truly weird. Tracy thinks the weirdest think has been the Nip Chee crackers. He is perplexed by it. I think even more than those infamous crackers, I have wanted mashed potatoes and gravy. I could eat them everyday. At the beginning of the pregnancy, before I even knew, I wanted salads – at least that craving left me feeling like I had done something good for my body. For a while after that, when the breakfast fanatic in me took over, I wanted McDonald’s sausage biscuits, though I was able to limit them to one a week. Now, it’s strawberry pop-tarts, real strawberries, and Sour Patch Kids candies. Maybe I am going through a fruit stage.

People are starting to look at my belly. I have gone online several times to look at belly pics and compare mine with other people that are similarly pregnant. You can’t really compare. It seems as if everyone is truly different. At my last doctor’s visit, I had only gained one pound. That was about 3 weeks ago. My next visit is next week – May 2nd. I have been wondering what they will do to me on that visit. One thing’s for sure, they are going to weigh me. I feel like my belly looks as if I have swallowed a cantaloupe. I hope the scales don’t get me in trouble.

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  1. dont worry about those scales yet. you have about 2-3 months after delivery to be concerned about weight. Remember, for some it takes longer to lose the weight after delivery, but…., if you gain more than 32-35 lbs, i’d be backing away from the table. ha! So MICHELLE, go eat, i know you are hungry now! go get some sweet potatoes, loaded with nutrition

  2. Hey mrs. Floyd It has been such a long time since I have seen you. I missed your honors clas the day I stepped into middle school. Things have been going well with me. Now Iam in 8th grade honors math and 7th grade honors english, and I am in our chuch band playing the drumbs. I also went to NY City this summer, and Washington DC. I heard the news about your new son and I am sooooo happy for you. I have also enjoyed your amazing website, it is very interesting. Well I guess I will talk to you later. Bye.

  3. I’ve gained 7 lbs. in 1 month. Im kinda in a panic. I am exactly the same. ravenous !!! Aaron gets frustrated because it is guaranteed that in 3 hours time I will be irritably hungry. I am not feeling the placio of being pregnant either. It’s like something has taken over and is not only telling me that I’m hungry – but it is telling me with great urgency to EAT now!
    Salads YES!, california rolls YES!, any green vegetable YES! starches YES! and the odd thing – Nerds. yep, the candy Nerds which I haven’t eaten since middle school I swear. geez. if you can find the nerds that are nerd coated on the outside and jelly bean centers – I’m in heaven. My teeth are going to fall out.

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