I think one of the most interesting things about this pregnancy has been watching how people respond when you give them the news. It seems like most people thought Tracy and I would never have children. That could have something to do with all the times that I said, “I’m never having children,” or “I have no clue how to hold this baby,” or “Me? Baby-sit?” I suppose you never know where people are in their lives, so based on where they are they will react differently to where you are in your life. I guess I just thought everyone would respond pretty much the same – “A baby – how awesome,” or “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing!” But, those are not the responses I have received from everyone I have told. Some people have been utterly shocked, lost their breath, and then responded exactly like I mentioned above. Other people have actually been upset by our news. Still others have completely ignored that they just heard I was pregnant, said nothing, and went on their merry ways. Tracy’s aunt responded by dropping her spoon on the table and remaining speechless for quite some time. A few people have actually accused me of lying. One lady said, “This will be a wake up call for her.” (She didn’t actually say that to my face – she said it to someone else. She still hasn’t congratulated me.) My favorite has been when you make your announcement and people all of a sudden have all these baby memories or scenarios to tell you about their own lives. I love hearing everyone’s stories. It helps me to imagine what my stories will someday be. Another favorite has been how some people automatically say, “Well, from now on, you get to choose the restaurant,” or “If you need anything, you just let me know.” And it is really nice to know that the people that said those things actually said them from the heart and really mean them. You can just tell. So anyway, no matter the reactions, I am truly excited about this little being that will be arriving in October and cannot wait to meet him/her (I think it’s a her).

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  1. just catching up on your first trimester… geez. It’s the same exact story for me but different faces. Some reactions stun me and make me feel sad. I’ve gotten the, “Oh, you’re going to be ‘one of those parents aren’t you?'” or the “Well, that’ll happen…”… There have been more good reactions to the bad and then there are those who claim to have known all along – they obviously planned it for us. 🙂 Same exact story for me and Aaron – Just getting to the place of being so comfortable with each other then immediately finding out a couple months later we’re expecting.
    I’m so nervous still. Glad you kept a blog to keep me informed now.
    So yes everyone, I know, “everything will be different” and that’s going to be okay. right? 🙂

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