Turning 9

At 11:57 last night, Davis turned 9.

This past year, Davis loved baseball. He devoured it – he played it, watched it, practiced in the yard, and studied stats daily.
His favorite team is the Yankees much to the dismay of all his New England relatives. He also loved playing soccer at recess, his favorite position – goalie and he was super excited anytime he could beat his friend, John Simmons.

Davis is a master at board games. It is virtually impossible to beat him, especially at Trouble and Sequence. Even when it appears that he may lose, he always turns it around at the end of the game and defeats his opponents.

Davis’s favorite subject in school this year is math. He is an amazing reader too, but sitting down for sustained periods of time to read is still a skill that he’s working on.

For 6 months now, we have been planning our Disney trip, the one that is taking the place of birthday parties this year. So, we decided that in lieu of parties, we would just select our favorite restaurant and go out to eat as a family. Davis wanted Papa John’s pizza. I decided to have a pizza and pumpkin carving night for him. Not a party, just a few people over. Bring your own pumpkin, carve it, eat pizza, and make smores. We had approximately 20 people over. Tracy contended that it was a party. I called it a gathering. Davis ate pizza and ran around barefoot in the dark with his friends until almost midnight, a great start to a ninth year if you ask me.