Silas – 6 Months

This month, Silas has learned to say “Da – da – da” (no hints of saying mama yet). He also rolls over and over to get to his desired destination (I came in from the bathroom the other day and he had rolled over to Davis’s Jenga game and eaten the lid off the box). And, last but not least, one little tooth is beginning to emerge – he loves to eat, so I am sure he’s looking forward to getting more teeth!

Weight – 17.5 lbs (50th percentile)
Height – 90th percentile
Head Circumference – 95th percentile (at least he’s on the chart)

Half Birthday

Silas Quinn Floyd turned 1/2 a year old on July 4th! He was excited to reach this milestone and celebrated with warm milk and rice cereal. As a 6 month old, Silas enjoys very brief naps, being held and snuggled by his mommy, playing with his big brother (as well as pulling his hair), trying to drink from a cup, rolling around on the floor, finding and licking the tags on stuffed animals, going for stroller rides, feeling the wind in his hair, babbling while someone taps his mouth (he has learned to make this sound on his own now as well), and spending time in his exersaucer (probably because this allows him to stand, something he has been practicing since he arrived). Silas loves being told how cute he is and if you tell him enough, he’ll give you a big toothless grin, two dimples included.