On Tuesday night, Davis and I went to Family Kingdom with the Corder clan. We had an outstanding time. Cannon wanted to ride all the big rides while Davis convinced him that the smaller, safer rides were a better choice. I did ride the Thunderbolt with Cannon – he grinned the whole time while I stared at the cords holding our little cart on and tried to push aside the worry that we could go flying off the track at any moment. Cannon did convince Davis that riding the mini roller coaster and the Log Flume would be a good idea. Davis decided he liked the roller coaster enough to ride a second time, but after riding the Log Flume, he told me he’d have to wait another year to try that one again (same thing he decided last year after riding it).

Tracy watched Silas at home while we were out having a good time. Apparently, Silas cried for an hour because his mommy wasn’t at home to put him to bed. Silas’s favorite past time is nursing and since Mommy wasn’t at home, he had to make do with a bottle and apparently that’s just not the same.