Our child is busted. Not busted as in when you are caught doing something naughty…busted as in broken, ill, not well.

He has literally been sick all winter. He has had everything from a cough to hand, foot, and mouth disease, to colds, viruses, and the like. Just this past week, he has had croup which has morphed into a severe cold complete with yellow, pussy eyes. In addition, his eczema has flared up, this time all over his face. He is a mess, I tell you.

Well, to top it all off, today Tracy and I took him to McDonald’s for lunch. Every time we passed the McDonald’s play area on the way home from school last week, Davis would point and say, “Look at that, Mommy.” But because temperatures were below freezing, I promised him we would go another day. Today, since it was 65 and sunny, we headed to McDonald’s. After about 15 minutes of playtime and feeding Ronald McDonald french fries, Davis came walking over to the picnic area which is floored with a smooth tile-like material. The combination of the tiles and the smooth soles of his croc knock-offs created a perfect environment for tumbles. He slipped, fell face first and busted his lip. He didn’t just bump it, he busted it. So now, his face is covered in eczema, his nose and eyes are crusted with yellow snot and he has a big, fat, purple, busted lip.

February is getting off to a rough start.

Davis Ramblings

Davis turning two has been an amazing thing. It’s like a lightbulb switched on. All of a sudden, his vocabulary has become endless, his sense of humor – hysterical, and his imagination – well, imaginative.

We have this game we like to play called “Hold Me Like a Baby.” It goes like this: I hold Davis like a baby, rock him, give him his bottle, and encourage him to cry like a baby. Sounds sick I know. It was my attempt to get a few seconds in of holding him because he is in constant motion from the time his feet hit the floor until he rests his head on his bed buddies at night. So, now Davis will randomly request, “Hold me like a baby.” To which I reply, “Come here baby.” Last night, he was asking to play this game because he knew it was bedtime. So, I picked him up on the couch and cradled him as he held his sippy cup like it was a bottle. I held him for about 5 seconds when he hopped up, scooted to the other end of the couch and declared, “The baby ran away.” Hilarious!

Speaking of bedtime, Davis is a great sleeper once you get him in his crib. He sleeps so well, I fear having another child because I know second children are opposites lots of times. Lately, Davis will use different tactics to try to get out of going to bed. These things include the baby game mentioned above as well as things like piling about 50 books on your lap to read to him. Somehow I think he senses that I feel guilty turning down the opportunity to read to him. Last night, at bedtime, he said, “I want to sleep in your bed, Daddy.” When Tracy asked where mommy was going to sleep, Davis replied, “I don’t know.” I am surprised he didn’t add in, “I don’t care either.” Thankfully we haven’t gotten there yet. For the longest time, when bedtime rolled around, he would say, “I want to eat.” I think he knew that I also would feel guilty for sending a child to bed hungry. Most interestingly, for the past few weeks, when we say, “Do you know what time it is?” He’ll respond, “It’s 8 o’clock.” Apparently, he picked up that bedtime is 8 o’clock. So instead of saying it’s time to go night, night, it’s now “it’s 8 o’clock.” He’ll even say this when it’s naptime during the middle of the day.

Davis and his Nana started this thing where Nana says, “I don’t know what I am going to do with you.” To which Davis responds, “I don’t know what I am going to do with YOU!” The other day, I tried saying it to him. Instead of responding the way he does with his nana, he looked at me and replied, “I don’t know either.”

Many of Davis’s friends have had birthdays recently. We have attended birthday parties every month since September. Attending all these parties has made Davis fall in love with singing the Happy Birthday song. He sings, “Happy birthday to…Rhea!” “Happy birthday to Ayden!” “Happy birthday to Bella!” And recently, “Happy birthday to Cannon (pronounced Tannon)!” In the middle of singing happy birthday to all of his close friends, since Christmas he’s added in “Happy birthday to Snowman!”

Last thing – we were in the Wild West store yesterday exchanging some cowboy boots. The sales clerk was talking to me and Davis was repeating everything she said. So, I am ending with, be careful what you say around Davis, because you realize how your words really sound when they come from the mouth of a two year old.