Magic Two

We took Davis to the doctor last week for his 2 year old well baby visit. He is growing like crazy – weighed about 30 lbs. He was 36.5 inches tall and his head is…well…still big – above the 95th percentile. What does that mean exactly, I wonder, above the 95th percentile? Does that mean he’s at the 98th percentile or does that mean his head is truly larger than any other child’s head in our nation? I don’t know, but she did say it was following a normal curve on the growth chart, so his head is the right size for him apparently.

We had to answer quite a few questions at this visit, one of which was about his speech. She wanted to know if he could say at least 50 words. I told her he could and that he was stringing sometimes 3 words together to form sentences. She said that was above average. I knew he was a genius. We are going to start working on solving algebraic expressions this week and reading some Shakespeare!

It’s funny, since turning 2, another magic age, he has started saying more words than before and repeating everything he hears us say. Tonight, I told him we had to throw his mini pumpkin away because it was moldy. He looked at it and said, “Yuck, moldy.” We went to my dad’s today and played in the yard. Tracy helped Davis find a cricket which kept him occupied for quite some time. When the cricket finally escaped Davis’s watchful eye, Davis looked at Tracy and said, “Go find another bug, Daddy.” In his acquisition of language, he has also learned how to place emphasis on certain words and how to escalate from requesting something, to demanding, to all out whining. Tracy was playing with him – throwing him up in the air and catching him. Eventually Tracy was ready to stop, but Davis was not. He requested, “Do it again, Daddy.” When Tracy did not “do it again,” the request got louder, “Do it AGAIN, DADDY.” When Tracy still would not do it, the request got even louder with some whining added in, “DO…IT…AGAIN…DADDY!!!” Fun stuff to watch.

It’s just amazing to look at him and listen to him and realize how time passes, flies by even, at such an incomprehensible speed. It seems like in no time he went from being a totally dependent infant to this little boy with a mind and agenda of his own. It’s sort of sad to see him grow up so quickly – I took a photo of him tonight with his moldy pumpkin and realized how long his legs are. It’s funny how you don’t realize things like that until you see a picture. Kind of like you don’t realize you have wrinkles until you see a close up picture of yourself and then you say Yikes – when did that happen. Same concept…I looked at Davis and thought – when did he grow up. I can just imagine, 4 years from now, he’ll be graduating from kindergarten, he’ll smile at the picture and say cheese. I’ll look at it and wonder where in the world did the time go.



Davis Says…

Davis is quite the chatterbox – His new words / phrases are :

Gummlebee – bubblegum

A Break it Down – after which he does a pretty impressive beat box (learned this from Yo Gaba Gaba)

What you doin daddy?

I want dat.

My back hurts – daddy rub it (says this minutes after he has been placed in his car seat, even when daddy is not in the car. Do you think this means that someone spoils the child?) Actually, the reason he calls on his daddy for this task is because Tracy will reach his hand into Davis’s car seat, while he is driving, and rub the child’s back. Due to my shortness of arms disorder, I cannot do that, nor would I if it was physically possible.

I actually wrote these several weeks ago and am just now getting around to publishing them.


A few months ago we noticed Davis was really beginning to enjoy cars of all sorts. he’d take the few toy cars he had and drive them around the floor making “vroom vroom” sounds. He’d drive them on the walls. He’d drive them on his mother and I. So, that’s when we decided on the theme for his 2nd birthday party. Race cars. Speed Racer meets Hot Wheels meets NASCAR… or something like that. Somewhere, Michelle ran across the idea to create cars from boxes… so that’s what we did. She immediately began collecting paper boxes and I started collecting all sorts of packaging logos… cereal boxes, diaper packaging, candy wrappers… anything was fair game.

Design, Build, Glue, Tape

Thanks to our wonderful families we were able to get all the collected boxes painted and ready to use a couple of weeks before the party. When everyone arrived we had them pick a box to decorate with their parents at the “Detail Shop.” Everyone had to have a driver’s license, so we also photographed each driver and printed out a custom license.

Ready? Set. Go!

What’s the use of having a car if ya can’t race ’em?!? We piled into the round pen (now equipped with large checkered flags) and everyone ran around and effectively destroyed their cars… great fun.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday.