New Developments

All sorts of new things happen daily as Davis grows up. The most recent development is that he is trying to repeat everything we say. The other day, Tracy said, “Cool.” And, wouldn’t you know it, Davis repeated, “Cool.” For his entire life, when I walk into his bedroom, I have said, “HEY.” Kind of southern-like and real drawn out. Now, when he sees himself in the mirror or walks into a room with someone he knows, he says, “HEEEEEYYYYYY!” Real loud, southern like, and very drawn out. Just yesterday, Bobbie, his baby-sitter, said he looked over at the computer and chirped, “Puter!” His pacifier is called his “pappy”- his version of paci. I told Tracy last night that it is time for us to begin watching what we say. Not that we say anything inherently bad, but I just know that I am going to say something, that when repeated to others from Davis’s lips, is going to be embarrassing. We are going to have to start talking in code or spelling. Although, that spelling, I have a feeling isn’t going to work much longer either…he already knows A, B, C, D, E, and H. It is crazy amazing how much he is turning into a little boy, and fast.

One more thing, he has 4 molars and his fangs are coming in. That will be 14 teeth!

Decisions, Decisions

Okay everyone, please be praying for us. We have lived in our condo for many years now and have desired to have a house for quite some time. Especially now that Davis is walking around, we would like to have a yard. As you know, it is the perfect time to purchase a home, good prices, low interest rates, but it isn’t the greatest time to sale. Unfortunately, we are on both ends. So anyway, just be praying that we will be able to sell our condo soon and at a good price and find a house. We also are pretty uncertain about where we want to buy a house, this same area, Conway, or Loris. There are definite pros and cons about all three. Ultimately, we want to be walking in God’s will for our lives. And, we want to do what is best for Davis. So there, if any of you hear from God about any of that OR if you know of anyone who wants to buy a fabulously quiet, 3rd floor – 2 bedroom, 2 bath end unit with hard wood floors, new paint and countertops, , and a great view of the sunset, just let us know!

Broken Pacts

My best friend Kim Cannon Corder chastised me when she received a package in the mail well over a year ago announcing that I would be having a baby. You see, we had this pact…no matter what…NO BABIES!!! Well, obviously, I had broken the pact. She cried and called me a traitor.

However, you know, friends have a mighty influence over one another. Once Davis arrived on the scene, and Kim saw that I could actually survive this thing called motherhood, she had a change of heart. And besides, the pact was already broken, so she thought, “What the heck – I’ll give this parenting thing a go too.”

Well, after nine months of pregnancy, Kim finally became someone’s mommy today. Cannon Thomas Corder arrived on the scene this morning weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce. Definitely not a runt as she had suspected. And, from what I understand he has good lungs.

I get to meet him live and in person this weekend. I CANNOT wait! I think I’ll give Kim at least six months before I ask if she wants to join me for round two. Of course, it will have to be a joint decision…so, we’ll see.

Underage Driver #2

Obea came over last Friday evening for a visit since her husband was out of town on an “alone-time” vacation. She called when she was on her way, so when I heard her bounding up the steps I went ahead and opened the door. Obea was breathless with Rhea attached in one of those baby harnesses. At the door, Obea was frantically trying to hand me Rhea while explaining that she had locked Ayden in the car. Well, that made for a very interesting situation since Paul was out of town and had the only other key to the car. We decided to start calling locksmiths.

Obea rushed back downstairs and I opened the phone book and began looking for lock people to come free Ayden. I called one company, explained that we had a child locked in the car, gave our location, and he said, “Uh…I am in Loris…I can be there in about an hour.” Moron, I thought, we have a child locked in the car on a warm sunny day!!! Are we seriously going to wait an hour???? I hung up, dialed another company. This guy said, “Uh….I am in Carolina Forest…I can be there in 45 minutes.” What?!? What is wrong with these freaks I wondered. I dialed another company and basically got the same response. Finally, I dialed the number for Pop-a-lock. A very nice young man answered the phone, said he knew exactly where we were located, and assured me he would be here as quickly as possible. He arrived a few minutes later and finally freed the underage driver. On top of his kindness and urgency, he didn’t even charge Obea. Apparently, that is Pop-a-Lock’s policy – if a child is locked in the car, they free them for FREE.

So, there you go, a second underage driver in our parking lot. Maybe our parking lot is cursed. Beware!

Middleton Place

Tracy and I left this past Thursday and headed for Charleston for our very first alone time vacation since before Davis was born. We arrived in Mount Pleasant around lunch time and stopped for a fabulous bite at the Mustard Seed. Tracy had the mushroom risotto while I devoured the special of the day – grilled mahi over a bed of lentils with spinach and tomatoes.

After leaving the Mustard Seed with stuffed bellies, we ventured on to Middleton Place, the oldest plantation in America. We couldn’t check in until after 3:30, so we stopped and got maps to lead us on a tour of the grounds. We started out walking along the Ashley River, then traveled around one of the rice field loops. The flooded rice field was full of various waterfowl – herons, ducks, coots, ibis, and anhingas. The coots were hysterical. When you get a tiny bit close to them, the take off running across the water. They don’t lift their wings and fly, they actually walk on water – like Jesus.

After our rice field tour, we journeyed through the labryinth and finally made it back to get the keys to our room. Our room was rustic modern – not a lot of decorations, but lots of windows that afforded us a spectacular view of the Ashley River.

Once we unpacked, we headed over to the lodge for the evening reception. We did this both evenings we were there and both evenings we were joined by other guests. Two families happened to be staying at the inn. Both families had 3 kids each, almost all of whom were under the age of 6. Tracy and I sat on the couch and watched the chaos. Amazingly, we weren’t agitated to be surrounded by all these kids on our “alone” vacation. We actually loved it. It made us miss Davis. It made Tracy want more babies. He said he loved the chaos. I explained the he loved it because it was someone else’s chaos. He insisted that he wanted us to have chaos in the form of more babies. I am not convinced.

The remainder of our Charleston trip was spent at Middleton Place. The only time we left was to go to dinner one night at SNOB in downtown Charleston. Even though we left the plantation with directions in hand, Tracy and I got lost, were late for our reservations and ended up having to call the restaurant. After getting more directions, we still ended up finding on our own via a completely different route. Thank goodness the food was delicious and worth the trouble.

The next two days at Middleton involved taking an African American tour, a house tour, and our own walking tour of the gardens and surrounding areas. My favorite part was the stableyard where we visited the chickens, pigs that smelled like butterscotch, goats, sheep, and the cow which we milked. On this trip, I was definitely a country girl. All I needed was to be able to squish my toes in the mud.

Our trip was a much-needed time for Tracy and I to slow down, hold hands, reconnect, and just be together. It was awesome.