Musician in the Making

December 26th marked the end of the Christmas festivities for 2008. We had a terrific holiday. Davis got lots and lots and lots of gifts – clothes, books, blocks, and a variety of instruments. He has been working on learning to play the drum, kazoo, recorder, harmonica, and accordion. He is already pretty proficient at playing the maracas and the egg. Thanks to all his toys that sing the ABC’s, he is now saying A-E-I in that order. Hopefully, he’ll get it all worked out.

Sick Traveling Baby

Davis had his first REAL illness last week. It began, interestingly enough, after a trip to Columbia.

Upon getting ready to leave Columbia, I felt Davis’s head and thought that he felt hot. We got in the car and he cried and whined, then finally fell asleep. About 10 minutes outside Florence, he woke up and cried and looked just miserable. We stopped at McDonald’s to give him a riding break (he is NOT a traveller). He ate a cheeseburger from a happy meal and gulped down a juice box. I figured he was okay, but he still felt a bit hot.

When we arrived home, I checked his temperature to find that he had a fever of 101 degrees. Of course, I called the doctor. She told me to give him Tylenol and bring him in the next day if he still had a fever.

The next day, Monday, came and Davis, of course, still had a fever. I packed him up and we headed to the doctor. When they checked his temperature it was 102.2. Enough to make me freak out a little. They checked him for flu, strep, and ear infection. Everything came back negative. They, of course, did nothing except tell me to bring him back if the fever was still there in two more days.

I stayed home from work on Tuesday with a still fevered child. We administered Tylenol and Motrin. By Wednesday, Davis was well from the fever, but covered in spots. I remembered reading about a viral illness called Roseola that causes a fever for several days and then spots for 24 hours. Of course, I wanted to call the doctor at the appearance of the spots, but believe it or not, I refrained.

Thursday came and by that afternoon the spots were gone. Shew! Luckily, I didn’t have to take him back to the doctor, nor did I have to call poison control. Of course, I will be receiving a $70 bill in the mail from the doctor who found nothing wrong with my child.

Underage Driver

Every year our church has a Christmas party and every year, since having Davis, some obscure thing has happened to try to prevent me from attending the festivities.

Last year, I had invited my friend Kathleen to attend the party. She drove to my house all the way from Conway. I was dressed, Davis was dressed, we were ready to go. When Kathleen and her daughter Kira walked in, I asked them if they were freezing. They said no. I was so cold, I was wrapped up in a blanket, fully dressed, shivering. Kathleen suggested that I check my temperature. Sure enough, I had a fever. My temp was 101. I called Tracy, who was already at the celebration. He came home. Kira and Kathleen left. No Christmas party for me.

This year, Tracy left early so that he could help greet people as they arrived at the Christmas party. Obea and I decided that she would pick Davis and I up so that we could ride together. I got myself dressed and got Davis dressed pretty seamlessly. I took Davis downstairs, placed him in the front seat of my car and handed him my keys to keep him occupied while I unhooked the carseat. He sat in the front seat and pretended to drive. I got the carseat unhooked, sat it down on the pavement beside the car and closed the back door. At that very instant Davis reached over and click, pressed the lock button. All the car doors were locked in the blink of an eye. And yes, my keys were laying in the front seat with Davis…behind locked doors. I looked at Davis as he grinned and continued to press the lock button. I got that hot sweaty feeling and began to panic. Obea turned in at that moment and could tell from the look on my face that some catastrophe had just happened. She hopped out of the car and began to offer suggestions as to how to get Davis out. We finally resolved that the only way out was to call Tracy to bring his key and free our child.

I called and he said he’d be there in a minute. While we waited, Davis continued to press the lock button as I said, “Up, up, up!” And Obea waited with her hand on the door just in case some miracle happened and he decided to push up instead of down. I was almost laughing at the situation when I realized that if he decided to crawl around the car, he could fall and get a concussion or break his neck. Just as I had that thought, he lost interest in the lock button and began to try to crawl in the back seat. My frantic banging on the window distracted him though and he decided to stay in the driver’s seat.

Tracy arrived a few minutes later, and rescued our underage driver. We got ourselves together and all went to the Christmas party. I think next year, when it’s time for the church Christmas party, I may plan to be out of town.